The Black Hills
Sioux, Lakota, Nakota,  and Dakota land— were once protected in the Great Sioux Reservation (1863). The US Government broke the treaty to mine the land (1877), and then manipulated the mountains to create Mount Rushmore (1925-1941). The land was never returned. The US Govt. attempted to cover their crimes with money, which the Lakota-Sioux people have refused. 
Three week project under the supervision of Professor Annabelle Gould.
Project Brief— Compose a video using typography to visually impact a social justice issue.
Lakota in America: Square's Every Kind of Dream series
Sacred Land Film Project
LIFE LAKOTA The Cheyenne River Reservation, Vativ
Native Americans renew decades-long push to reclaim millions of acres in the Black Hills, PBS News

Lakota Lullaby sung by Robert Tree Cody

Words written by Yaa Gyasi in “Homegoing,” spoken by myself
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